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*All vehicle values reflect the appraised value of the auto inclusive of taxes- as per the appraiser.

Like our quote?  To proceed please contact our Zehr Vintage CARS department at 1-800-667-1802 or email your appraisal directly to one of our Vintage CARS brokers.


Scott Smith- Vintage CARS Manager, [email protected]

Dave Stewart, [email protected]

Gaurav Sharma, [email protected]

Amy Brightwell, [email protected]

Richard Zehr, [email protected]

Kurtis Waymouth, [email protected]
(Tavistock office)

Sean McKechnie, [email protected]
(Listowel office)

Chad Denstedt, [email protected]
(Monkton office)

Jan Oakes, [email protected]
(Waterloo office)

Melanie Pasher, [email protected]
(Milverton office)

Greg Pennings, [email protected]
(Mitchell office)



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